Stuff and Things

Hi Raspberry’s friends. Sorry it’s been quiet. Life stole all my great plans (and the time I needed to implement them). I’m caring full time for my 4-year-old granddaughter these days. Looking for good (cheap) daycare so I can buy more editing and writing time. And dealing with the chronic pain of a bad back and the lingering effects of elbow bursitis that snuck up and bit me without warning. (Look it up. Then try not to imagine me with a Popeye arm. I dare you.)

I’m actually playing around with some cover revisions for Stolen Things. One is more of a tweak than a redesign, but the other? A complete overhaul. Just playing, though. I might re-release with the new cover sometime. Or I might just reflect fondly on all the time I was able steal to play in Photoshop and call that a win.

Meanwhile, there’s a post over at my Noveldoctor site you might enjoy. Just click here and the magic of the Internet will take you to it.

In the words of my other granddaughter, the 2-year-old: Have a day.